Durga Puja

Secrets of Happiness

There is a very interesting commonality between the words “Festival” and “Fashion”. Both of them begin with the alphabet “F” but unlike other F-words, these have decent meanings!   

No matter what ethnic group you belong to, what religion you follow or which part of the world you live in, you can’t live without festivals. You need them in your life to lift your spirits and get some respite from the daily dreariness. 

Festivals are like an ocean, it allows us to take a dip in its refreshing water and come out feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

The anticipatory pleasure of an approaching festival makes our heart beat faster and that’s when we throw caution to the winds and bask in the pre-glory of the festivities. 

The festivals come to us every year and provide us with a boat on which we can sit and sail far away from our day-to-day turmoils. They give us imbuing plots to write new stories, and a lovely dictionary to find new meanings.

There are many people in our lives who are very close to our heart, but due to our hectic working schedules, we can’t get to meet them regularly. Festivals give us a beautiful reason to meet and reconnect. In fact, many of us wait impatiently for the festivals to reunite with our loved ones. 

In Kolkata, Durga Puja is one of the prominent festivals. It is an occasion of unadulterated fun and frolic. The most amazing part about it is, it does not get over in a day, it gives us around 10 days to be in a festive mood, 4 to 5 nights to go outdoors and have a lovely time with our loved ones. In case you feel low on any given day, you have other days to catch up with.

It doesn’t only make us feel serene and ritualistic but gives us reasons to do shopping, buy sexy and colorful dresses, eat delicious and mouth-watering cuisines and participate in many delightful endeavors. 

Now let’s talk about fashion, being beautiful is our birth right. By any chance, if you don’t feel that way, I really pity you! Anyway, fashion makes our life vibrant and colorful, and festivals give us reasons to be fashionable and happy.

Let’s celebrate this festive season with Hello Masterji and experience a new height of dressing!  We are always there to make your life more fashionable with our crafts and services. 

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